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A local organization put together a local fishing derby and here are some of the highlights.  Fishing was decent.  It was a great day for fishing and family fun.   A lot of crappie were caught.

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by Greg | Dec 31st 1969 | Tags :

I've spent much of my adult life in pursuit of brook trout, either paddling and portaging into back lakes, exploring rivers in the far north by canoe, or oftentimes flying into small outpost camps.


The north shore of Superior, specifically the area centered around Wawa and White River has been a favoured destination. Its rugged country with high rolling hills and sparkling natural trout lakes that rarely get fished. My dad and uncle started taking me on trips to this region as a really young boy and they instilled a real love for it in me.


Ive flown into numerous trout lakes in that area over the years, in fact most of them. The notable exception being Air Dales Missing Lake outpost camp. Missing Lake is a small spring fed gem close to the southern boundary of Pukaskwa National Park. Its staggeringly beautiful, as pretty a landscape as any youll see in Ontario and a trip there is worth it for that reason alone.


I just returned last week from a trip to Missing Lake. I had the chance to fish it for a few days with my young son Brendan which made things even more special.


It was only a 4 day trip and for the first time ever we were stuck at the airbase in Wawa for almost two full days because of weather. We were supposed to fly in early Wed morning and ultimately flew in at 6pm on Thursday. Frustrating, but what can you do?


We spent many hours on the beach in Wawa waiting for the weather to clear. Brendan did enjoy it though. He made me buy him a native head dress and he played for hours on the beach with it. (I was attacked numerous times HAHA!)


When we finally made it in we had just enough time to unpack, settle in, light a fire and cook some dinner before settling in for the night. Fishing would have to wait for the next day.


There was still tons of snow in the bush and even some mushy ice on the lake in a couple of back bays. We were there not long after ice out and water temps hovered between 41 and 43 degrees. That made for VERY tough fishing! Missing is a deep lake with one basin reaching over 80. It hadnt turned over yet and the vast majority of the fish were still deep and simply not feeding.


In 11/2 days of fishing we managed to eke out 6 quality fish which personally I thought was a miracle. There are some dandies in the lake though, at one point a huge fish easily in the 5lb class rushed in at my sons lure then turned at the last second. I saw it as clear as day.


We marked a ton of fish down deep in 30 plus feet of water adjacent to various structure. Theres no doubt in my mind that this lake would fish much differently a bit later in the spring or perhaps in September. For that reason alone Ill be going back!


I put together a short video of our trip, hope you guys enjoy!


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


All in all even though we were set back by the weather and tough conditions, anytime I can spend time with my boy, just the two of us, that makes the trip a huge success. We had a blast and theres no doubt well be back again.


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by Greg | Dec 31st 1969 | Tags :

Spring Steelhead Highlights

With the brutal winter we experienced here in southern Ontario steelhead fishing didnt really get going until later in March, but once the rivers broke the action was incredible!

Writing for Ontario Out Of Doors magazine does has its benefits and in the 3rd week of March I was sent to Michigan on assignment to fish the Muskegon River. The Muskegon is an amazing river, probably the closest thing we have here in the great lakes to a west coast experience. Its a big river averaging well over 200wide and is best fished from a drift boat.

Numerous large fish were landed over the course of two full days, some on a variety of 10mm beads, some on dime sized roe bags.

Throughout late March and the month of April I averaged 3 days a week on the water, some spent with clients and on off days with my young son and a variety of good friends. Several treks north to fish some select Lake Huron tribs were made. A number of trips were spent fishing Stateside in NY, PA and OH. A lot of kilometers were put on the vehicle!

Locally the Grand in Caledonia is finallystarting to round into form. It was fishable over the trout opening weekend but then blew out again with heavy rains. Its still extremely high and coloured and wading is potentially dangerous.but the fish are there. I expect itll remain good for at least another two weeks!

Although this year it seems May will be the prime month for steelhead, my season is now done. With ice breaking in the lakes up north my 2014 travel season is set to start soon. First trip is a fly in on May 20 to a small brook trout lake west of Wawa near the perimeter of Pukaskwa Park.

Ill be bringing my young son along for that one so it should be special.


Tight lines to all,


Cheers,  Mike

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by Greg | Dec 31st 1969 | Tags :

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