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The warming temps of spring bring with it some excellent opportunity for big slab crappies.  Once the water warms up crappies move into spawn and will feed aggressively on minnow imitations and small crustations.  The optimum temperature is around 50 degrees Fahrenheit for shallow water feeding.  

A typical set up is a slip float with a  small minnow under it.  Coloured tube jigs and twister tails are lethal on spring crappies.  I generally will throw a pink cubby jig with a minnow or just an emerald shiner under a float.

There are some great local spots for spring crappie including Binbrook Conervation area, Lake Erie, Grand River and most local ponds hold white and black crappie.  


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The ministry planning to conduct a Hamilton Harbour Volunteer Angler Diary Program this winter.  The focus of the program is ice fishing for Walleye.


Recent Walleye stocking efforts to help restore the Hamilton harbour fish community have resulted in increased reports (including yours!) of Walleye being caught by anglers.  We would like to collect more information about the Walleye fishery this winter.  A diary package has been prepared and we are now looking for volunteer anglers.


If you are planning to ice fish on Hamilton Harbour this winter and would be interested in completing a diary, please contact me.  I shall tell you more about the program and send you a dairy package.  If you know of any other anglers that might be interested in participating in the program, please forward this email to them.


Note: We have conducted a similar diary program on the Bay of Quinte for the past number of years (fall Walleye fishery).  If you would like to see some of the results of the Bay of Quinte diary program, please see Section 2.5 in our 2014 Lake Ontario Management Unit Annual Report available online at:

Jim Hoyle

Assessment Biologist

Lake Ontario Management Unit

Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

Glenora Fisheries Station

41 Hatchery Lane

Picton, ON  K0K 2T0

Tel:  613 476-7977

Fax: 613 476-7131

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I recently had a chance to head down south with some friends to do some salt water fishing.  We decided to try our luck in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  It was 5 hour flight from Toronto and a an hour shuttle to Cabo. 

We fished a total of 4 days.  The wind kept us from fishing 2 of the days we had planned out.  The first few days we trolled short leads for Marlin and Mahi Mahi which was great when the fish were biting but made for a lot of down time waiting for them to hit. 

I had to a chance to fish with some of the Shimano salt water gear.  The new Shimano Saragosa reel for the inshore stuff we did and it did not disappoint.  It handled everything from the Mahi Mahi to the smaller Snapper we caught.

We managed to hook a marlin on the second day.  Small for the area but "reel" exciting nontheless.

Here are a few highlights from our trip.

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by Greg | Dec 31st 1969 | Tags :

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