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Spring Trout Fishing

Spring Trout!

By: Jordan McKibbon



Well folks it's finally here!.. Trout opener is this Saturday, and to make sure that everyone is geared-up and ready for it, I decided to smash out a quick article on how to scope in on some Spring Trout.


So the most exciting part of spring trout fishing, is that all species of trout are going to be in full swing; whether they are spawning, and/or looking for an balanced meal of roe/spawn.

There are a few different presentations that are very popular during this time of the year – each one will depend on the style of fishing that best suits you, or the area that you decide to fish.


The first and most popular presentation, is the natural Roe or Spawn presentation.

This presentation can be 100% natural – consisting of fresh Roe/Spawn tied-up in mesh (different colors for different situations). This is known as a 'Roe Bag'.

It will look like this (Pink is popular) -->

During the Spring run of Trout, it is best to tie smaller roe bags because Trout Roe/Spawn is naturally smaller than Salmon spawn (which is what they're after during the fall).



You can also give a Roe/Spawn presentation in a number of different ways, including:


Yarn: Using a small piece of yarn on the end of your hook is a fantastic egg imitation – Simply cut a small quarter inch piece of yarn, and toss it on the end of your hook. This presentation imitates an egg milking-out; this presentation is deadly when you add some scent to the yarn. My favorite yarn to use is the Glo-Bugs 'bling' yarn.

Yarn, or 'Yarnies' look like this -->Yarn Flies


The next presentation I recommend (which is becoming very popular) is to use a Trout Bead. Trout beads are absolutely fantastic, are easy to use, and are virtually indestructible. To use a Trout bead, you simply 'peg it' or 'band it' about an inch above your hook. Always use a hook that is slightly larger than your bead, to ensure a proper hookset – also avoid pegging your bead further than an inch from your hook, to ensure that you are not foul-hooking your fish! My favorite type of bead to use during this time of the year is the 6mm 'Trout Crack' bead made by Creek Candy Bead Company – I like to use 6mm because as mentioned before, the natural egg size is smaller this time of the year.

Presentation looks like this -->


And the last way to imitate a natural egg in the river would be to use synthetic/soft plastic eggs. Trigger X has a great lineup of egg presentations, including single eggs and egg clusters, in various colors.

They look like this -->Trigger


These are some of the different egg presentations that I recommend during this time of the year. These presentations are best used for float fishing, or bottom bouncing with a 3-way rig.



Another fantastic presentation during the Spring, would be using Flies. This is another trend that is becoming very popular among anglers, known as 'bug fishing'. This style of fishing is pretty self-explanatory; simply tie your nymph/fly to your leader line. This style of fishing can be fished under a float, or also on a 3-way bottom bouncing rig.

Below are some pictures/examples of the types of 'bugs' that work great during the Spring. My favorite 'bugs' to use in the Spring are the StoneFlies and Wolly Buggers, made by Matt from KypeFish.


StoneFly -->




Wolly Bugger -->Wooly Bugger



The next type of presentation that I always suggest in the Spring, is a Worm presentation. The simplest presentation is a live trout worm (they are smaller than night crawlers), but they can sometimes be tough to find at local bait shops. The next best thing is a scented soft plastic worm. My favourite is the Berkley trout worm in the pink bubblegum color. Raven and KypeFish also make some fantastic soft plastic trout worms. My favorite size of worm to use is the 3.5inch worm. Worms are best used under a float – either nose-hooked, or wacky-rigged; also feel free to give your worms (if you're using a soft plastic worm) a slight 'twitch' every couple of feet as it drifts.

Below are some pictures of soft plastic trout worms:


Berkley Worm-->Power Worm





Raven Worm -->



KypeFish Worm -->



When all other forms of baits/presentations fail, I always fall back on the tried and tested all-time best presentation – the Minnow Presentation.

There are many different ways to present this – but the best is still (and always will be), a live minnow under a float. If your local bait shop is out of minnows or you don't feel like lugging around a pail of water/live minnows, there are many different ways you can show a minnow presentation (folks with spinning gear, this one's for you!). You can also bottom bounce minnows on a 3-way rig, or even on a Drop Shot setup.

If I don't use live minnows, my number one alternative would be throwing some hardware!... For those of you who don't know that I mean – I mean chucking spoons and spinners.

My all-time most successful trout spoon is a Little Cleo (In the example picture below I will show you my top color for trout). I like to throw Little Cleo spoons in a 2/5oz size when I'm tossing for trout. My second favorite minnow presentation aside from spoons, is to use a spinner.

My favorite spinner to toss is a size #3 Blue Fox spinner. The size #3 is the perfect size to give you cast ability, but it is also small enough for 'not-so-hungry' or 'sluggish' fish to still strike. I have found most success using these in a Pink or Chartreuse color. Another top favorite spinner of mine is the Panther Martin. I like using Panther Martin's in smaller streams/rivers - my favorite is a size 0, in Yellow with Red Spots and a Gold Blade.

Below are some pictures of my favorite Spoons/Spinners:



Blue Fox -->



 Panther Martin -->





Little Cleo -->




For the drift fisherman or fisher ladies that have just read this article... I am very happy to announce that we now carry CoolWaters Floats! These floats are made of balsa wood, which makes them more buoyant in oxygenated and choppy drifts (in comparison to traditional plastic floats), and they will track much better in your drifts (due to the natural buoyancy of balsa wood). Get in there and grab them fast, because I have a feeling this shipment will be gone by trout opener!


So there you have it folks! Those are some of the best Spring presentations, lures, and baits to chase some trout.

Hopefully this will help you all get out there and catch some fish!


As always,

Good luck, stay safe, and happy fishing!











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