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Spring Cats

Spring Kitty Hunting 

For most of us, fishing adventures started out with a float, a weight and a worm somewhere local.  More often than not the most active fish were our whiskered friend the catfish.  For a lot of anglers in the GTA catfish are still a great way to have some fun fishing local waters.

Most of the great lakes tributaries including Hamilton Harbour, Lake Erie (Dunnville, Port Dover), Princess Point and many others offer great spring cat fishing.  Spawning generally occurs when ever the water reaches a temperature of approximately 75°F.  Catfish will move into warmer rivers and creeks during the spring to spawn.

Because of their highly developed sensory system, touch, taste and sight aid the channel catfish in acquiring their food.  They will feed on almost anything that comes their way and are not picky.  Avid anglers use everything from cut up minnows and suckers to rotten chicken liver. 

A bait runner reel is ideal for these bottom feeders.  It alows you to engage a "free run".  With this engaged the fish can take the bait with no resistance until you turn the handle at which time the reel switches back to the main drag. The free spool option makes it great when catifsh are picking at the bait and you don't want them to feel any resistance.    

Channel catfish can top the scales at 30 pounds and offer a great sport fishing experience.  A day of fishing for spring kitties is inexpensive and great relaxation.   

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