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Living In a Van Down By the River

I was lucky enough to spend the last two weeks living out of a van and camping throughout Alaska.  The van offered sleeping quarters and a small kitchen.

Amber and I fished a lot of different species and areas all through Alaska.  It is a beautiful country with a tremendous amount of wildlife.  

We were able to fish for four species of Salmon.  

We tried everything from casting spoons to drift fishing from a boat.   In the river the main set up was a kwik fish or a plug warapped with a piece of sardine or herring.   We would hot shot these close to shore in the seam of the river for silver salmon.  

Almost throughout the entire state we were able to pull over to a creek or river and catch salmon.  The one creek we even managed to get into some Dolly Varden.  

The culture of the state was amazing.  Being surrounded by water and nature creates an amazing following and support for fishing and the outdoors. 

by Greg | Aug 25th 2017 | Tags : 0

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