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Fishing Report - July 31st

Walleye Fishing on Lake Erie has continued to boast incredible numbers with many anglers catching trophy fish. From Dunnville to Nanticoke still continues to produce large numbers of fish - anglers report that numbers are very high in the Nanticoke area. Most walleye are reported being caught suspended in 60ft of water - find the baitfish and you'll find your trolling depth! Most fish are being caught on smaller copper-plated spoons, and deep diving stickbaits.

Bass fishing on Lake Erie has begun to really heat up along the shorelines, with most fish being caught on shallow shoals and isolated rock/boulder piles. Many anglers report catching numbers of fish within the 15-20ft of water range. With the bass holding this tight/shallow this is an ideal time for anglers with smaller vessels to safely hit the shorelines for good numbers/quality bass. (Don't forget to wear your PFDs and check the weather!).

Local ponds and resevoirs are continuing to produce fish, when using the right bait! The dog days of summer are upon us, and with water temps increasing in these smaller bodies of water the fish become sluggish. Finesse baits and slower presentations have been producing fish. Anglers seeing success in these smaller waters are using slow fished top water baits, and Senkos. 

The Grand River is continuing to produce fish for boatless anglers/those eager to get their boots wet in search for fish. Smaller crankbaits (such as Cotton Cordell Big O's), and grubs jigged along bottom have been producing quality fish. 
Many anglers report catching cats, freshwater drum, bass, pike, and carp. 

Within the next few weeks you can expect to see Salmon beginning to run - Pier action is only a few weeks away!
Don't forget to stock-up on your spoons/large jointed baits, and make sure you've got the right gear to battle with these Autumn silver bullets. 

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