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Fishing Report January 27 2018

With mild temperatures this week and scattered rainfall, the ice is taking a beating locally.  Binbrook has temporarily closed until the ice rebounds.   

Up North, Lake Simcoe still has some decent ice for the time being.  They have been catching nice sized jumbo perch towards Beaverton.  

Fish are coming on jigging spoons tipped with a butter worm or a maggot.  Buckshot jigs are an excellent perch killer. 

Further North, Lake Nipissing has been a walleye factory but very hard to find keeper fish due to the slot limit.  A lot of fun though with plenty of perch and walleye.  

Stay safe out there, ice conditions have been changing daily.  There are a lot of pressure cracks at St. Williams and Lake Simcoe which can be dangerous.   Check with local conservation areas before going as a lot of them have closed until steady colder temperatures. 

by Greg | Jan 27th 2018 | Tags : 0

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