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Featured Fall Hunting Gear... Get ready!

Highlighted Fall Hunting Equipment 


We've got all the gear and services to get YOU ready for your fall hunting needs! Whether you're planning on hunting whitetail deer, coyotes, turkey, or small game – we've got you covered. Have a look below at some of the highlighted equipment to get your ready for the field! 


Trail Cameras 

We carry the most popular and reliable trail cameras here, at the shop. A team Bills Bait Hunting Team favorite are any of the cameras made by StealthCam 

These cameras are user-friendly, reliable, and most units come with batteries and an SD card – so you're ready to open it out of the package and put it on the tree closest to your bait/mineral plot!  

Pictured below is our most popular StealthCam, that is loaded with an 8.0-megapixel camera, and boasts a 60ft range. It comes with 8 AA Duracel batteries, and an 8GB SD card. This camera is capable of shooting up to 6 pictures at a time in 'Burst Mode', and can shoot videos in 5, 15, or 30 second increments. The StealthCam also provides the option for a Time, Date, and Moon Phase stamp on all your pictures/videos.  






We've got quite the assortment of many different fixed and mechanical blade broadheads... Why not get both so you, yourself can solve the 'Mechanical vs Fixed' blade endless argument! Have a look below at some of the highlighted broadheads we're carrying for the fall hunting season; you won't be disappointed! 



Spitfire MAXX and Spitfire (by NAP) 

These broadheads are just downright NASTY. With both of these heads providing at 1 ¾" cutting diameter (3-blade), these things will create nasty both entry and exit wound. One of the most favored things about this broadhead is that this mechanical broadhead expands upon entry, without the use of O-rings; eliminating almost any room for error (which is one of the big arguments in using mechanical broadheads). 

The Spitfire MAXX also comes fully equipped with a razor-sharp cut-on-contact tip that wreaks absolute havoc from the moment of contact. The Spitfire broadheads come in packs of 3, and offer replacement blades (should you catch the ribcage of an animal on your shot!). These broadheads come in both 100 and 125 grain, and will shoot like a field point. These broadheads are among our annual best-sellers for hunters looking to tag a whitetail deer! 


RAGE Hypodermic, X-Treme, and Crossbow-X 

These broadheads are another favorite among bowhunters. These mechanical broadheads are a two-blade, rear-deploying broadhead (that makes use of a 'shock collar' instead of a traditional O-ring), that create a massive 2"+ cut (actually a 2.3" cut with the X-Treme model); which means quicker/more ethical passing of the animal, bigger blood trails, and quicker recovery. These Rage broadheads are known to shoot exactly like your field points (with the X-Treme model having a nasty ferrule tip that cuts-on-impact), and are also known for their durability (though replacement blades and shock collar replacements are available).  

Rage broadheads come in packs of 3 (with some including a 'practice tip' - which is awesome for getting you prepped for the hunting season). These broadheads come in 100 and 125 grain weights.  





G5 Montec 

G5 has been producing one of the most reliable and favored fixed-blade broadheads on the market – the Montec. The Montec is a rugged one-piece broadhead that is made of 100% stainless steel, and has a 1 1/16" cutting diameter. This means one thing – quick installation, and incredible reliability in the field. These broadheads are designed to bust through bones (should you clip a shoulder blade or rib), which will lead to a clean pass-through on a proper-placed shot. G5 also boasts that these broadheads are 100% spin-tested; guaranteeing field-point accuracy. These broadheads aren't pretty, but if you shoot a well-placed shot; they'll get the job done.  





Muzzy Original, and MX-3 

Muzzy broadheads have debatably dropped more bucks than any other broadhead currently on the market. Why? Because they're simple and extremely cost-efficient. The original Muzzy and MX-3 models are both 3-blade fixed broadheads that come fully equipped with a Trocar tip, and razor-sharp blades that are designed with a decreased blade surface for increased accuracy. The Muzzy MX-3 hits with a 1 ¼" cutting diameter, and the original holds respectively with a 1 3/16" cutting diameter. All of Muzzy's broadheads are designed with a short profile (also increasing accuracy), and are available in 100 and 125 grain sizes. If you're looking for a simple and cost efficient, but rugged and reliable broadhead – go with a Muzzy.  





For this fall we've got many different styles of targets to appeal to both compound and crossbow shooters. Below are a few of our highlighted targets. 


3D Targets 

We've got a couple different 3D target styles, including Coyote 3D targets, and Turkey targets.  



Gel Targets 

Gel targets are probably the most durable targets on the market, and are designed to take punishment for bows/crossbows that exceed 300fps on their shots. Gel targets are also a better option for individuals' that like to practice with the broadheads they plan to shoot. Below are some pictures of the gel targets we offer.  



Foam Targets 

Foam targets are probably the most popular targets among shooters – as they have a respectable balance between cost-efficiency and durability. We've got a few different styles to choose from – cube targets, hexagonal targets that can be hung from something, and even sphere-shaped or 'ball' targets (these are phenomenal practice for those that hunt small game!). Below are some pictures of our Foam Targets. 


We carry many different bows for hunters of all ages - from recurve, compound bows, and crossbows. We are a licensed HOYT, Excaliber, and Mathews dealer. Any bow you want - we can get it... Just be sure to call ahead of time to ensure we can order it in time for the fall hunting season! We also service just about any kind of bow/crossbow, and also specialize in equipment setup for the new and even experienced hunters. 




If there are any products you'd like that aren't displayed in this article or in-store, please feel free to ask a staff member, or contact us direct at (905) 388-5873, and we'd be happy to do a special order for you.  

Don't forget to practice, practice, practice! And always Hunt safe, Hunt Smart, and have fun! Good luck to all that are taking advantage of the fall hunting season!
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