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August 21st fishing report

For the bass anglers getting out and targeting the shoreline or wading the shallows of the river, the ‘Dog Days of August’ have proven to be a challenge; but completing a challenge is always rewarding! Don't give up - weather temps are starting to cool off, and better days are upon us! In the meantime, stick to slower finesse baits; utilize scent to trigger tough bites. Berkley Bass attractant has proven to produce for not only bass, but also for pike, sheephead, and eager panfish. 

For the anglers getting out on the big water and targeting toothy critters, kings, and silver bullets; the fishing has been incredible! 

 Double Headers are common this year on Erie!


Lake Erie has continued to boast incredible numbers of quality fish, and an equal amount of trophy fish – especially walleye. Many anglers have been seeing success on self-guided trips out on the water, while others have spent multiple successful trips with local charter captains.  

 A local angler with a fantastic haul on Erie!

Some of our very own boys from the shop were lucky enough to get out with local charter captain John Bates of Hotline Fishing and caught their limit within a short amount of time. Captain John Bates continues to impress local anglers and clients with his ability to put quality fish in the boat within a short amount of time! Thanks for another great trip Johnny B! 


 Quick limits with Hotline Fishing on Erie are common!!


The hot ticket for hooking into Erie walleye has been trolling smaller spoons with copper finish. Warrior Spoons have been a favorite for local charter captains and anglers that have been having success on the water. Some anglers have also been seeing success using the usual equipment as well, such as worm harnesses, and deep diving stick baits.  

 One of the hot spoons this month


Lake Ontario has also had another great year for summer Kings. We’ve had a few of our local studs landing many high-quality fish throughout the summer and working our way into the fall. Fish are already starting to get dark!

 Local stud Dale hooking into a dandy.. Coloured-up!

It looks like this year we will be having an early salmon run, so be ready to hit the piers and streams after rainfall to try your 
luck!... There have been reports of anglers already seeing river action on the north shore tribs, with one of our own, Ratchet Gary, hooking into small shakers tossing glow spoons for the night bite.  


It’s only a matter of time before they all start rolling in! Don’t forget to stock-up on your glow spoons! Early run kings in the river will be very tough to trigger a bite (with the water temps still as warm as I like my chicken noodle soup), so you’ll need to use a more aggressive tactic such as twitching flies/nymphs by them, or using a chemical compound to biologically trigger their aggression (Pautzke’s Fire Cure is a great choice if you’ve got leftover skein/roe from last season... Powder-up your bait and watch the ‘milk’ cloud drive the fish nuts).  


Great Lakes bass have been continuing steady and will be getting closer to shore each day; looking to bulk up for the off-season! Tubes are always a great choice to trigger a bite from a Great Lakes smallie! 

Keep getting out there folks! The fishing is only going to get better with the temps cooling down!

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